You Can Feed a Hungry Child … in time for Thanksgiving

Publication Date: 
November 06, 2013

There is a saying in Haiti: “An empty stomach has no ears.” Sadly, in countries all over the world, millions of children go for days without the food they need simply to function -- let alone to learn and grow. For as little as $1, you can provide life-saving nutrition to starving kids, just in time for Thanksgiving.

Thanks to ongoing partnerships with international relief organizations, nutritious meals are already on the ground -- in Haiti, Guatemala, Sierra Leone, Zambia and more. We simply need your help to transport these meals to children who desperately need them.

The impact of your generosity is huge. For just $1, we can ship $20 worth of rice-soy meals to Salesian programs in one of more than 10 countries. Not only will these fortified meals fill the stomachs of hungry girls and boys, they will also give children the energy to participate in school -- which is the first critical step in escaping the chains of poverty.

To understand what your generosity truly means, consider a little boy called Pope.

Pope lives in Sierra Leone. Just 4 years old and living in extreme poverty, he never knew where his next meal would come from -- or even if he’d have a next meal. Now, he participates in programs at Don Bosco Freetown -- where he receives a plate of food each day. His face may be filthy and his clothes torn, but his belly is full and he will soon begin school.

Meals like those Pope receives are possible thanks to our collaboration with Stop Hunger Now, an organization that provides the food.  Once Stop Hunger Now shipments arrive in-country, Salesians provide the logistics to get life-saving meals into the hands, and mouths, of hungry children.

Stop Hunger Now chose to partner with the Salesians based on our ability to identify needs in the countries in which we serve; our resources to ensure the food is used as intended; and the quality and positive impact of our programs.

The kindness and generosity of our friends means Pope will not go hungry. Now is your chance to ensure that thousands more boys and girls like him will also receive life-saving nutrition. For every $1 you can give, we can provide $20 worth of food. What a remarkable gift to share in the spirit of Thanksgiving.

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