Salesian Missions Partners with Stop Hunger Now for Greater Impact

Publication Date: 
July 30, 2012

Whether it’s a frightened street child who arrives at one of our shelters because she is starving, or a hungry student who can’t focus with an empty stomach, or a frail baby barely able to survive, a nutritious meal can often make the difference between success and failure … or life and death. That’s why Salesian Missions is proud to announce a new global partnership with Stop Hunger Now.

The two organizations will work together to alleviate poverty and hunger by taking advantage of each other’s strengths and relying on their respective resources.

Specifically, Stop Hunger Now will donate food and Salesian Missions will coordinate the delivery and distribute it through the reliable in-country Salesian networks – thus ensuring it will end up in the hands of the poorest children, families and communities that need it most.

Food shipments have already reached Salesian programs in Haiti, where meals are being served at the Lakay program for street children. The Salesians feed more than 600 youth every day in Cité Soleil alone, the poorest slum in Port-au-Prince. Other food supplies are en route to Honduras, South Sudan and East Timor where the meals will be shared among various Salesian programs located in those counties.

In total for 2012, the Salesians are slated to distribute eleven 40-foot-long containers of food donated by Stop Hunger Now, almost double the amount of last year. In addition to saving countless lives, the meals will be an essential first step in the efforts to lead children out of poverty and toward a healthier future.

Your continued support further enhances and strengthens our partnerships with other organizations --which is why we are deeply grateful for any amount you can send today. Thousands of children will benefit from your generosity and participation in our mission.

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