A Remarkable Legacy

Publication Date: 
November 01, 2012

The Christmas season is a wonderful time to ensure a bright future for the world’s neediest children. By including Salesian Missions in your estate planning – whether you designate us in your will or establish a Charitable Gift Annuity that provides you with guaranteed income for life – you will establish a legacy that will be remembered for generations. Just like a man by the name of Pascual Gentilini.

Nearly 100 years ago, Mr. Gentilini decided to remember Salesian Missions in his will, “to benefit the neediest children and that it should be left in the capable hands of the Salesians.”

Determined to fulfill the man’s wishes, Father Juan Guerra spearheaded the construction of the Gentilini Agricultural School. In 1931, he welcomed a handful of students – sons of poor farmers and immigrants. The boys were offered a safe home, an education in farming methods, and most of all, hope for the future.

As word spread of the children’s success, so did requests for enrollment. The school began to expand and offer a greater selection of courses. In 1947, it introduced a basic program of “Farm Manager” which later evolved into “General Agronomist”, an official certification still issued today.

The Gentilini Agricultural School has come a long way. It now serves 209 students from impoverished families, supported by 40 teachers and 32 staff members. Technical training involves up to six years of study and includes lessons in community service, vegetable gardening, cooking, maintenance, music, annual crops, cultivation of tea, fruit farming, zootechnics, bee-keeping, cattle-raising, leadership training and social work.

Mr. Gentilini is an inspiring example of how one person’s generosity can improve the lives of needy children for decades and beyond. You, too, can include Salesian Missions in your will or receive income for life by establishing a Charitable Gift Annuity. Here’s how it works:

The lifetime income received depends on the age of the annuitant(s) at the time of the gift.  The older a person or couple is, the higher the percentage will be.  For example, with a gift of $10,000 or more, an individual at age 76 will receive a rate of 6.6%; at age 80 a rate of 7.5%, and at age 90 a rate of 9.8%. Payments can be made quarterly, semi-annually or annually. In addition to a guaranteed annual income, other benefits include:

  • Current income tax deduction
  • Tax free income on a portion of the income received
  • Reduced capital gain tax (on gifts made with appreciated securities)
  • Reduction of estate taxes
  • Opportunity to make a significant gift to Salesian Missions that will benefit needy children and families!

For more information about including Salesian Missions in your will or establishing a Charitable Gift Annuity – including a free preview with absolutely no obligation – please contact Anna Maria Lang, Planned Giving & Development Officer, 914-633-8344 x206 or [email protected]. Your generosity can have a lasting impact for generations.