A Modern Day Miracle: Your gift multiplied 5 times!

Publication Date: 
May 17, 2012

Caring friends like you have a wonderful opportunity to make a huge impact! COMIDE (the Committee for International Development in Belgium) will match every $1 donation with an additional gift of $4. That's a total of $5 for every dollar contributed toward valuable programs that are providing children and young people with a fighting chance to overcome poverty.

This modern-day miracle reminds us of the story when Jesus multiplied seven loaves of bread and a few small fish to feed 4,000 people—which is why we're calling this occasion our "Loaves & Fishes" campaign.

This year, the initiatives to be funded include:

BOLIVIA: This project will expand the eight Salesian centers throughout Bolivia, opening them up to increased enrollment. Instructors will have access to upgraded teaching equipment and the administrative infrastructure will also be improved. The project will also aim to better promote services and courses offered at each center to the population. Professionals training subjects will include human resources, financial management and public relations. These centers form strategic alliances with public and private institutions, helping graduates obtain employment quickly after completing their six-month training program.

We can fund the entire project which costs: $420,830

If caring friends like you can join together to give: $84,166


ECUADOR: This project will upgrade nine Salesian centers throughout Ecuador. Students will receive invaluable training in a professional or technical discipline—such as plumbing and electrical work—at little or no cost. These men and women will also participate in workshops and seminars to help them prepare to enter the job market, which is vital since a large number of them have never been employed. This project also provides them with skills they need to improve their housing conditions, stabilize their family life, and assist with sustainable development in their region.

We can fund the entire project which costs:  $549,881

If caring friends like you can join together to give: $109,976


DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO: This project will expand the training programs in seven Salesian training facilities throughout the Democratic Republic of Congo. The program assesses the needs of each center and implements income-generating initiatives, while increasing the quality of educational services by providing teachers with additional training. The project will place a great emphasis on social services that aim to increase the self-esteem and confidence of young boys and girls who once lived on the streets--allowing them become productive members of their communities. This program also offers job placement services to students.

We can fund the entire project which costs: $559,537

If caring friends like you can join together to give: $111,906


EAST AFRICA: This project will upgrade the existing public technical and vocational training system in Kenya and Tanzania by upgrading the infrastructure of the centers. This will include purchasing computers and other necessary equipment, and updating the current curriculum. Many students are formal school dropouts, but they are eligible for scholarships to cover tuition fees. The teaching staff provides life-coping skills and promotes human empowerment, while assisting graduates in obtaining employment in their field of training (such as general carpentry and mechanics). This program encourages students to become involved in extracurricular activities—including cultural events, youth movement activities and sports.

We can fund the entire project which costs: $678,572

If caring friends like you can join together to give: $135,714


We urge you to please take part in making these important projects a reality. There will never be a better way to stretch your generosity for the benefit of so many needy children. We sincerely appreciate anything you can give to earn the $4 COMIDE match for every $1 you contribute! Click here to read more.

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