In India: Flood Victims Give Thanks

Publication Date: 
February 13, 2013

“Don Bosco came to us in our trouble and cared for us much more than anyone else,” exclaimed a farmer who lost his entire livestock and farm after devastating floods struck Dambuk, India, in September.

Without warning, relentless and unforgiving rains swelled the Dibang River and wiped out everything in its path. In the aftermath, hundreds of cattle carcasses littered the river beds and acres of paddy fields lie in ruins.

For 15 days, hundreds of citizens were marooned with no way out. The recently-built village chapel was completely flooded. It was an epic tragedy that shattered the hopes and dreams of people who lost everything they had.

The Salesians responded immediately and began transporting people to safer ground, while helping to salvage what few belongings remained from their flooded homes. In the days that followed the disaster, the Salesians distributed over 22,000 pounds of rice and 220 pounds of dal (a bean stew). Much of the food was stocked for use in the children’s boarding school and for emergency distribution to those in most dire need.

With the help of BoscoNet – a secular organization based on the teachings of Don Bosco to aid children throughout South Asia – the Salesians were able to transport rice, potatoes and oil to the flooded areas by boat. The partnership between the Salesians and BoscoNet ensured that essential supplies were delivered quickly.

Despite their hardships, the villagers are extremely grateful to the Salesians, BoscoNet, and others who have come to their aid. Upon the arrival of supplies, one relieved middle-aged woman expressed, “God is helping us through many people whom we do not know.”

The flood victims still need help as they continue to rebuild their shattered lives: cattle to plow the damaged fields, heavy plastic to cover exposed homes, and mosquito nets, blankets and warm clothes to protect the children. Your gift today helps ensure that families devastated by disaster and poverty get the immediate and long-term support they need.

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