Hope for Child Laborers in the Brickfields of India

Publication Date: 
January 17, 2012

The brickfields in India offer nothing but suffering and hopelessness. There are more than 500 brickfields throughout the country, where millions of children are forced to work because it's the only way they can avoid starvation.

Each child makes about 250 bricks a day and gets paid less than a penny apiece. Their hands are in pain from hours of digging and molding. Their lungs hurt from the constant swirl of dust that surrounds them. And their spirits are shattered because there's little hope that tomorrow will be any different.

These suffering children deserve better – which is why the Salesians are taking action.

Salesian Community Centers Making a Difference

Right now, our Salesian Missionaries operate 72 community centers in some of the most impoverished locations throughout India, including many of the brickfields. These centers are the only escape for these child laborers.

The children spend about two hours each day at the community centers – and we do everything we can to make it the best experience possible. We provide a safe and quiet place to rest. We serve nutritious snacks, teach classes and offer technical training.

Our main objective is to ensure that child laborers receive the basic necessities they need to cope and survive … as well as the education and skills that will enable them to eventually break free from the brickfields and pursue greater opportunities.

Your Help Is Still Needed

The need and demand for our community centers around the globe are enormous – thousands of children are turning to us for help. While many of our centers are up and running with basic services, more buildings, food and medicine are needed.

With the support of caring friends like you, we can continue to build new community centers – and expand existing ones – so that one day, poor children will no longer have to suffer. Instead, they can thrive in the classroom and on the playground, optimistic that a bright future lies ahead.

View a video of the brickfields in Passor, India.

Please help us rescue more poor and needy chidlren from their pain and misery by making a gift today. Your outstanding kindness and generosity will save a precious life. Thank you!