HAITI: Hurrricane Tomás, more suffering

Publication Date: 
November 19, 2010

(Puerto Príncipe, Haiti) During last weekend Haiti was hit by Hurricane Tomás which caused the death of at least 20 people and flooding which threaten the crops and caused the loss  of animals and homes.

The authorities also clarified that  there were also seven people missing and 36 injured, mainly in the Departments of Grande-Anse, in the south and south-east and in Artibonite. 885 houses were destroyed and 5069 damaged.

About  36,700 people were evacuated and 31,731 of them were still living in the refugee camps after the earthquake. Some roads are blocked and communications interrupted.

The Department of Public Works and the engineers of MINUSTAH, have managed to re-establish communications in some areas of the country especially in the south and south-east. Some plantations are devastated and the roofs of houses removed while boats in the coastal area have been damaged.

At Gonaives, in the Artibonite region, the Salesian house was accommodating about 140 people; once the hurricane passed most of them returned to their own homes.

At Drouillard, in the northern part of Port-au-Prince, the parish priest of the Cité Soleil, Fr Elan Florival and some youngsters worked on Saturday morning 6 November to unblock a drain which had flooded the “Campo Atlético” where about 120 families had been staying after the earthquake of 12 January, and had been looked after by the Salesians from Drouillard.