Annual Food Drive

Publication Date: 
November 30, 2011

You can make a small gift this Christmas season that will be multiplied 20 times … and more importantly, it will be used to feed starving children and families who are suffering enormously. It's one of the most meaningful things you can do for the holidays.

You see, a number of international agencies have literally tons of food available to feed tens of thousands of sick and malnourished victims in poor areas around the globe. But they must rely on the help of the Salesians to transport the food inland and prepare it for serving.

The Salesian Missions Annual Food Drive raises the money necessary to get this donated food from international agencies to impoverished communities. Without this fundraising effort, the food will sit idle dockside … and the suffering will continue.

The impact of even a small contribution is great. Because the food is supplied free of charge - and more than 30,000 Salesian Missionaries are already in place working in over 130 countries - every dollar you give will distribute $20 worth of food to those who need it most!

We are urging all our caring friends and supporters to give what they can to this important effort. Together, we can feed thousands of people this Christmas.

To make your gift to the Annual Food Drive, please click here and accept our sincerest appreciation for your generosity and kindness!