Population:13.1 millionLiteracy Rate:71%Religion: Christian (50%)

The Salesians in Zambia are responding to the urgent needs of children in crisis. More than 20,000 households in the country are headed by children whose parents have died because of the HIV/AIDS epidemic. These young innocent victims are desperate for adult support as well as the basics that all children deserve.

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Build Schools

In Zambia, nearly 20,000 homes are headed by children who have lost their parents in the HIV/AIDS epidemic. For these children, a chance to go school opens a world of possibilities. 

Fifteen-year-old Helen is one such example.  At home, she is the primary caregiver for three younger siblings – including the youngest who is suffering from HIV contracting from their mother.  Each day, Helen gets up at dawn to do the household chores before beginning her six-mile walk to the City of Hope school in Lusaka.  During her walk, her transition from provider to young student takes place.  Like any 15-year-old, Helen enjoys laughing and playing with her friends, but unlike many youth her age, classes come first.  “It is my only hope for the future,” she says.

At the City of Hope, Salesian Missions provides:

  • Residential care for 80 children and youth who would otherwise be homeless
  • Day classes for hundreds of students
  • Feeding programs which many children rely on for their main meal of the day
  • Recreational program
  • HIV/AIDS awareness
  • Agricultural activities to help keep the school self-sustaining

At the City of Hope, students and teachers alike know that the future of the young people depends on what is done today.

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