Population:3.4 millionLiteracy Rate:98%Religion: Roman Catholic (47.1%)

The Salesians are providing important access to education and hope for a better future to the impoverished countryside of Uruguay. More than 18,000 children have been deprived of an education in these areas because of cost and distance. In addition, many more homeless children are in need of shelter, food and basic necessities.

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Teach Job Skills to Youth

In Sarandi del Yi, abandoned children have found support for more than 40 years at the Salesian Home.  In recent years, the home has expanded to include both boys and girls and offers on-site classroom instruction as well as vocational and life-skills training in areas such as bee-keeping, horticulture, the making of jams, sweets and cheeses and hairdressing. 

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Build Schools

Approximately 18,000 children living in the countryside of Uruguay don’t have access to an education because they live too far from a school and are too poor to pay tuition. In remote regions, students can attend Salesian schools for secondary education and agricultural training.  School is free of charge and nearly 1,600 students have attended. 

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