Population:33.43 millionLiteracy Rate:73%Religion: Roman Catholic (41.9%)

Salesian Missions is committed to improving the wellbeing of children and families in Uganda, a country that ranks near the bottom of the Human Development Index. Millions of children are orphans as a result of a serious increase in HIV/AIDS deaths. Further, families are struggling to rebuild their lives and homes after decades of violent war.

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Build Schools

Uganda ranks 157 out of 182 countries in the 2007 Human Development Index. The people of Uganda are working to rebuild after decades of war which left many displaced, as well as to combat the serious increase of HIV/AIDS, which has left millions of children orphaned.

The Don Bosco Children & Life Mission offers hope to at risk boys, ages 8-17, through a variety of programs:

  • Education: Boys attend primary schools and technical education courses to learn job skills.
  • Sports: Boys are engaged in different sports activities to keep them fit, well balanced and this way slowly removing the past from them.
  • Youth clubs: Boys take part in Youth Alive Club to learn about HIV/AIDS awareness, sexuality
  • Brass Band:  Boys have bugles but hoping for the real instruments!

As they grow and develop, boys move through different stages until they reach the final of goal of an independent, productive life.

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