Population:17.1 millionLiteracy Rate:99%Religion: Roman Catholic (70%)

Salesian Missions is making a difference in the lives of at-risk children in Chile. Although the education system in the country is far-reaching, many poor and disadvantaged children fall through the cracks. In the city of Santiago, hunger, homelessness and poverty threaten hundreds of children who live on the streets. And throughout the country, young people from impoverished families lack the educational opportunities available to the middle and upper classes.

Featured Mission

Teach Technology Skills

Students learn the latest in technology at the Don Bosco Institute in Punta Arenas, Chile. Recently, a donation of new equipment added to the capacity and technical infrastructure of the high school laboratories. Teachers will be able to expand the skills taught and students will have more hands-on use of information technology.

More Missions in Chile

Teach Job Skills to Youth

While Chile’s education system is far-reaching, poor children and youth do not always receive the same quality of education, according to UNICEF.

For youth who lack the resources to attend Chile’s universities, there is the opportunity to receive job skills training at Salesian Missions schools. Students choose from courses including mechanics, electronics, telecommunication, tourism services or accounting. In dual education programs, students complete their education with a chance to gain work experience.

Give Hope to Street Children

Street children in Santiago, Chile, can overcome hunger, homelessness, poverty, and drug addiction at the new Miguel Magone Hostel for Street Children. The facility is just one part of a much wider effort to provide outreach, housing and rehabilitation for at-risk youth in Chile.

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