Loaves & Fishes: Your gift multiplied 5 times!

Publication Date: 
May 26, 2011

With our annual Loaves and Fishes Appeal, your gift for needy children will multiply FIVE TIMES!

Jesus said, “I have compassion on the multitude… they have been with Me three days and have nothing to eat.” He took seven loaves of bread and a few little fishes, gave thanks and blessed them… and they ate and were filled… that which was left of the fragments filled seven baskets (Mark 8:2-9).

Thanks once again to the outstanding generosity of COMIDE – the Committee for International Development in Belgium – donations by caring friends like you to our annual Loaves & Fishes Appeal will be matched five times for every dollar you give!

This wonderful offer will enable us to quickly fund four major projects that will empower thousands of young people to break free from poverty and pursue opportunities for a brighter future.

The four initiatives are as follows:

MADAGASCAR: This project will expand the programs in the training centers in the Salesian Network in Madagascar by renovating existing workshops and building new ones where they are needed. The Network provides technical training to street or at-risk youngsters between the ages of 15 and 25. In addition, this project will also purchase training equipment, work benches, computers, office furniture, machinery, basic tools, and teaching materials.

We can fund the entire project which costs: $307,490
If we can raise: $61,498

PERU: This project will upgrade the programs at five Salesian technical schools throughout Peru to give more poor youngsters valuable job and social skills. More courses and instructors will be added to the programs and the workshops will be upgraded with better equipment. The implementation of a job placement program will assist graduates in finding employment.

We can fund the entire project which costs: $329,115
If we can raise: $65,823

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC: This project will update and modernize the technical and vocational training centers in the Dominican Republic. These centers teach valuable job skills to poor youth, mainly poor girls who are especially vulnerable and often leave school without graduating. In order to meet the high demand, this project will also organize extracurricular activities for the communities and evening and weekend classes to get the most use of the classrooms and facilities.

We can fund the entire project which costs: $405,085
If we can raise: $81,017

INDIA: This project will upgrade the classrooms and workshops of Don Bosco Tech India. This is a network of all Salesian vocational training centers in India, and its primary focus is to improve access to the available job market, help set up micro-businesses, and improve literacy levels of urban and rural youth. The program aims to promote lifetime earning strategies for young people who are mainly dropouts from the formal school system through employable vocational and skills.

We can fund the entire project which costs: $719,500
If we can raise: $143,900

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