Improving Lives One Pair of Shoes at a Time

Publication Date: 
April 08, 2013

In poor communities throughout the globe, children arrive at school in tattered shoes or bare feet (often after walking long distances). This can be a shameful and difficult experience that affects their ability to learn. But thanks to the generosity of TOMS Shoes—in partnership with Salesian Missions—children in need are discovering how a new pair of shoes can brighten their lives and help them focus on their education.

The TOMS One for One™ model provides brand new shoes to the children as they grow, by establishing a long-term commitment with partners. Salesian Missions has been chosen by TOMS as a Giving Partner because we can ensure shipments make it into the hands (and onto the feet) of those who whose lives will be impacted the most.

To assist with the cost of delivering the shoes, TOMS has established the “Last Mile Contribution.” These funds are used to help cover the expenses required to get the shoes to their final destination, whether it’s by long-tail boat in Central America, by backpack in Peru, by donkey in South America or by motorcycle over unpaved roads in Africa.

The partnership between TOMS and Salesian Missions is making a real difference. Children no longer stand out among their classmates and they gain comfort in knowing kind and generous people care about them.

Most importantly, children who receive the shoes gain a sense of pride and confidence that enables them to succeed in school and build hope for a better future.

Caring friends like you make it possible for the Salesian Missions to form partnerships with companies like TOMS Shoes. With your continued support, Salesian Missions can further accomplish our mission to help children and families overcome poverty. Thank you for whatever you can give today toward sustaining our life-changing work.

Our mission brings hope to children in need around the globe. What’s your mission?

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