Follow-Up: George’s Story

Publication Date: 
September 13, 2012

Last month, we told you how Don Bosco Boys’ Town in Nairobi, Kenya, is transforming the lives of hundreds of destitute youth by providing a practical path out of poverty. Today, we wanted to give you an update by sharing the inspiring story of a boy named George. He’s living proof that caring friends like you make a huge difference.

George was only three years old when his mother died. In the lonely years that followed, his father would bring home countless “step-mothers.” The young boy quickly became a victim to repeated physical and emotional abuse.

Unable to bear the pain and suffering any longer, George ran away when he was only 14. Although he was hungry, scared and lonely, the gritty streets of Nairobi were still better than living at home.

For three months, George barely survived by collecting empty beer cans for money and by eating scraps of food thrown out by a nearby restaurant.

Then one day his fate changed in a dramatic way.

Thanks to an encounter with a social worker and volunteer from Don Bosco Boys’ Town, George was introduced to a new life.

George, now 18 is currently attending school and pursuing his God-given talents in music and dance. He recently won first prize in folk dancing at the Kenya National Music Festival, the country’s largest talent show.

George is also determined to build a better future for himself. “I have many visions and I have put them into categories,” he explains. “I want to study hard and become a lawyer and at the same time, I want to nurture my talent and become a top musician.”

George is also quick to express his appreciation to the Salesians who rescued him from the streets and guided him on the path toward a better life.

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